Double Gold Slots

You probably remember the first time you played a slot like this game. If you're an active gambler, which I'm assuming you are, this is the cliche slot you'd find in Las Vegas. The kind of slot you'd park yourself in front of with your Diet Coke in one hand and a plastic bag of loose change in another, and have a go at winning back something from your spare change. In these strange times - pandemics and strange mutating viruses - older slot users who remember this are less likely to travel to their favorite casino for their gambling fix. In this way, this slot will be perfect for those sorts of gamblers. When I first loaded this game, I felt transported to Las Vegas Immediately. I wouldn't be surprised if this virtual game is based on a real machine - or multiple real machines likely in huge gambling American cities like Las Vegas or Reno. This might be a little basic if you're used to slots from companies like Real Time Gaming or others, but it's likely that case you aren't their target audience anyway. Wagering Gaming Technology is a reliable company for these simplistic slots, always delivering its audience with an excellent game. So whether you're stuck in your house, stuck in a cubicle at your job, or maybe a kitchen and you're waiting to clock you - this game will bring you wholesome gambling fun

Visuals, Payline, Software, and More

The background for this game is basic - a striped light blue and dark blue, with embroidered golden symbols located in the corner. The theme of this game is wealth - simple and basic, complete with gold lining both the left and right sides of the screen. On the right side of the screen is a classic white and red sign instructing you to play three coins, as well as an "insert tickets or bills below" yellow arrow. I'm not sure the purpose of this, as this game is quite virtual and none of us can insert anything into this, all I can assume is they're trying to give us a realistic real casino feel. Your pay line is a literal line that even points out it is the payline, going through the middle of the board with each spin. This is the root of most gambling slot machines and virtual video slots you play today. Down at the bottom of the screen is your virtual interface - it's designed to resemble actual buttons on an actual machine. On the left side in the corner is the paytable. You can use this to open it up and check out the values of each symbol. I'll get into this further later. There's an auto-play button next to this, which is an excellent feature for any slot. I always need an auto-play feature or I get bored spinning manually very fast. Next to this button is the button where you use the arrows to increase or decrease your bet per line. There is only one pay line, with a wide variety of coin options. Some basic prices are $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00 to $5.00 or $10.00. You can bet any number in between here, just use the arrows to adjust. Now, as we head towards the right side of the screen we have some more unique buttons on this virtual interface. These are traditional buttons a lot of more modern slots have abandoned, but not Wagering Gaming Technology. These buttons include a bet one button, next to the bet one is a spin reels button, and finally on the furthermost right is a play max button. Above the autoplay and paytable button are two mini windows stacked on top of each other as well, with a balance and a bonus window in blue and white. To the right of that is an alarm clock-looking screen with total credits, as well as a white and red cent window, and three red and yellow windows with credit, win, and paid.

Symbols and Value Within This Board

The symbols on this virtual slot are classic every day. These are the symbols you probably think of when you hear the word "Slot machine" This is what comes to the mind of most average people. The double golden symbol is the most valuable and is the game logo, which is pictured as two whole bars of gold with the words double gold written above it. If you trigger one, you'll get 800 coins, if you trigger two of these symbols, you'll get 1600 coins, and finally, with three symbols, you'll get 2500 coins. The second most valuable symbol is the lucky red 7, but every symbol is significantly less valuable, with one triggering 80 coins, two 7s triggering 160 coins, and three of a kind being 240 coins. The third most valuable symbol within this board is the triple bar symbol, which pays out 40 coins for one, two symbols payout 80 coins, and three symbols payout 120 coins. The fourth most valuable symbol is the two bar symbol, which pays out 25 coins for a single symbol, 50 coins for two of these symbols, 75 cents for a triple symbol. Now given you probably know, the goal for being paid out in this kind of game is to trigger two to three identical symbols after one spin to be paid out, however, the symbols get significantly less valuable from here on. A single bar pays out 10 coins for one symbol, 20 coins for two symbols, and 30 coins for three symbols. Any bar symbol pays in the multiplication of 5, 10, and 15, and the cherry is the lowest paying but the cutest symbol, paying in the multiplication of 2.

The Most Valuable, Jackpots, Wilds, and Other Symbols

In this game, you can choose between playing 1, 2, or 3 coins. The cherry symbol is valuable in its way despite its lower value it can create mixed combinations that do pay out modestly. The game logo - and the most valuable symbol on this board has multiple functions. One of them is you can use this wild card to replace any other symbols and create more winning combinations. Another feature includes doubling the winning line value, but if you manage just two wilds in a single combination, the value is quadrupled generously. Triple wins are the most valuable and can pay up to 2,5000 coins on a three-coin bet. I was glad there was a wild symbol, but there is no scatter, and no multiplier - however, the simplistic value of this slot makes it fun. There is no progressive jackpot but it does offer some pretty generous payouts. Since there is no scatter, don't hold your breath for free spins either. However, given there is only one line one could argue with the limited number of reels, it might make overall winning less complicated at the very least, which is why some might prefer this slot - I'm not sure if that's entirely true, to be honest, but classic las vegas slot players will like this regardless. There is still a jackpot and to activate this jackpot you'll have to bet max, but scoring the jackpot might be easier than you'd think - you just have to be lucky enough to trigger three identical symbols.

Summary and Would I Play It Again

I've come to expect this with Wagering Gaming Technology, their slots are always classics and devoid of overly complicated graphic designs as well as usually lacking in a bonus game. That doesn't mean it's a bad slot by any means - it's just aimed at very particular users who might not feel they benefit much from bonus games anyways. A lot of the time, bonus games are really hard to trigger - you can go a long time without triggering them, and there lies the argument of why these more simplistic slots continue to be promoted and are valuable in the 2024s. I usually prefer a progressive jackpot- but I found the wild feature to be very valuable actually and I enjoyed the quality of this slot both visually and in terms of the game features it provides. I recommend betting with three coins - there's just no point to it otherwise. It's not a game for very high rollers because the $30 max bet is pretty low compared to other slots - but not every slot should be for high rollers anyways. Some like betting mere pennies and just enjoy being able to play at all. 30 dollars a game is still a lot of money for one game anyway - so I guess medium rollers will also appreciate this game. This is a fun game for anyone especially beginners who are learning how to operate slot machines and might not want the complicated bonus games or multiple pay lines. We all need to start somewhere after all and I enjoyed it despite the lack of bonuses.