Beach Party Slots

If you’re ready to hang out in the sun, you want to visit the Beach Party Slots. This slot game has everything you could ever need and want or more. You won’t have to worry about those beaches around you because you’re going to the ocean. You’re dipping your feet in the water and sitting on the warm white sands around you. Plus, with this slot, not only do you get these beachy vibes, but you also get to leave with some extra cash.

That makes everyone want to play. Read further to find out more on this exciting slot game.

Who Made the Beach Party Happen?

The maker of the game is Wager Gaming Technology. One of the most known players in the online casino world, they continue to provide quality gaming services to every player who needs them—known for providing the highest quality graphics and sounds, all of the slots games made by them that you play are going to offer you the best payouts, but also gameplay.

Place Your Bets at the Beach

If you’re ready to play at this slot, then you want to know how to place your bets with the 3-reel, classic slot. Since it is a classic slot, there are only three pay lines that you can put your money down on. With a max bet of up to $30, you can get a decent payout back if you bet the minimum on all of the lines. This will give you a jackpot amount for the slot back.

Bet one coin per line, but with three lines, you can afford to play all three. You can set down bets lower than $30. You can go from fifty cents up to $10. This gives you more flexible payment and playing options to go with.

What Symbols to Watch for

There are always symbols to watch out for when you’re a part of a casino. You can make sure to make this happen with your beachy-themed slot. This one is home to just themed symbols. Since it is a classic slot, they make them pretty simple and with pretty simple pay-out terms in comparison to their symbols. They list this pay schedule right on the slot itself, so you know each time you win. Find the beach ball, bar, and sevens that come around the screen. Match them all and get the best payment.

How Many Bonuses?

Unfortunately, the Beach Party Slots does not currently have a bonus game. Many of the classic slot games do not provide their players with a bonus round. If one is added, we will update this.

Sign Up for the Beach Today

If you want to play and win, then spin to win today. Be a part of something great when you take the time to learn more. Now is the time for you to sign up with the casino and get the earnings you’re after. You just have to visit them online and then sign up through their sign-up link at the top of the page. From there, input your information and start playing and winning today.