Turkey Shoot Wild X Slots

Turkey Shoot Wild X Slots
If you thought basic slot games with minimal reels and lines were dull, just wait until you check out the fun and games you get with Turkey Shoot Wild X. This is a Wager Gaming title and they know how to build great slots like this one. So, if you are ready to explore, let’s see if it really is a great slot… or whether it’s a turkey!

How many reels and lines should you expect to see?

We said this was basic, and it does only have three reels with one line in play.

How much can you bet on the game?

You need only bet a cent on the payline on each spin if that suits you. You can also play up to three coins on that line, or increase the coin value to as much as $5.

Are there any special icons to look for?

There is a 2x wild in this game, which means any wild wins will be doubled in value. Meanwhile, there is another logo you should look for, and this is displayed as the 5x Turkey Shoot logo for the game. You must get this to appear in all three spaces on the payline to trigger the jackpot.

As in many games of this type, the jackpot is calculated as per your coin quantity on the line. So, a one-coin bet would win 5,000 coins, while two coins would secure 10,000 coins. And if you wagered three coins, expect 15,000 coins to be returned to you.

You can also get further multiplier prizes if you can get the 2x wild and the 5x Turkey Shoot wild appearing on the line together with another icon.

Are there bonus features to find?

Yes, and that might be a surprise. Just find the turkey of the title on the third reel and you’ll get to try your luck in a simple bonus game. Could you win 500 coins if you get this right? That sure would be nice, wouldn’t it?

Be sure you download and play the Turkey Shoot Wild X slot today!

This slot is packed with features – surprising for a three-reel game. That is why Turkey Shoot Wild X is a big winner with many players, and we guess that might include you as well. Try it now if you haven’t already to see what you might win.