Amazing 7's Slots

Wager Gaming has delivered a slot called Amazing 7s, so we are guessing the number seven factors into the mix somewhere. But where will it appear? And will this be a game to remember or one to forget?

We hope this is a good one, but of course there is only one way to find out the truth. Let's explore the details you can expect to see on these reels.

How many reels and lines should you expect to see?

There are five reels here, instead of the seven you might have guessed at. There aren't seven paylines either - they've gone for a more familiar 25 instead.

How much can you bet on the game?

Many Wager Gaming titles can be played as penny slots, including this one. While lots of their games use a $10 coin as the biggest value to play with, this has been reduced to $5 here.

Are there any special icons to look for?

Now, we bet you are waiting for us to reveal what the wild icon looks like, and perhaps the nature of the scatter as well. But we must tell you very quickly that there are none of these special symbols in Amazing 7s. As such, it is an unusual five-reel slot, as there aren't too many of those around that don't include any special symbols.

Are there bonus features to find?

With no wild or scatter, it isn't surprising when we learn there isn't a bonus symbol to find either. That means there is no chance of winning any free games, nor will you manage to secure entry into any kind of bonus feature. Hopefully, a basic five-reel game is what you are looking for. If not, this one might be disappointing to play.

Be sure you download and play the Amazing 7s slot today!

The simplicity of this game will be the undoubted appeal to some players. However, if you are not keen on such basic slots, you may end up wanting to play something else. You could try taking this one for a few quick spins in the demo mode, which acts in the same manner the real game does. If you like it, it will help pass the time. However, many players will want to progress from Amazing 7s once they have tried it for a while.