3X Wild Cherry Slots

Whenever a number appears in the title of a slot game, we always wonder whether it is a multiplier value. Often it is, so will that be true of the 3x Wild Cherry slot as well? It does suggest we should expect some wild cherries, so maybe this will be a fruity game to play. Let’s find out whether we are correct, shall we?

How many reels and lines should you expect to see?

This is a basic slot in that you get three reels and one line in play.

How much can you bet on the game?

With one payline to bet on, there are coins here to suit anyone’s bankroll. Start with a cent on the line and head to the biggest coin worth $10. You can also wager up to three of your selected coin values per spin.

Are there any special icons to look for?

This slot features bar icons, and if you can secure any combination of three of those on the payline, you’re guaranteed a prize. There is also a 3x logo for the game and yes, it is a wild. That 3x part of it is indeed a multiplier, so if you get one forming a winning line with two other matching symbols, you’ll triple your usual prize.

There is a better option to shoot for though. If you get two wilds along with a third symbol, the three-symbol prize for that example is given a 9x multiplier. That is because the wilds multiply by each other. Cool!

Are there bonus features to find?

No, the attention is focused on those wilds… oh, and on the progressive jackpot that happens to be included here. The jackpot icon is a cherry rocking some cool sunglasses, so three of these must be found on the line to trigger the jackpot. This will only pay out if you wager 25 cents or more on the line though, so check your budget first. This is still a good game if you would rather play it as a penny slot though, thanks to those multipliers.

Be sure you download and play the 3x Wild Cherry slot today!

This game might look basic to start with, but as you can see, it is anything but that. The 3x Wild Cherry slot packs in some neat wilds to take advantage of, so make sure you play it today.