Mega Money Mine Slots

The Mega Money Mine Slots are here to stay, and so many people are in love with playing them. This 3-reel, video, bonus slot game has the excitement you need around each and every corner as you spin to win. When the time comes to take the reel and see where it lands you, you can be sure that you're choosing to play and spin at the right place. It is that simple. Read on to find out some more about the Mega Money Mine Slots.

Who Made the Mega Money Mine Slots?

The game maker of these slots is none other than Wager Gaming Technology or WGT. They are known as being one of the top dogs in the industry. Having been around for years, their graphics and sounds go hand in hand with providing the most beautiful appeal that you've ever gotten from a slot before. Spin for yourself and see the difference.

Placing Your Mega Money Mine Bets

Placing bets is part of the slot game, so you want to know how you can go about doing so. The lines can only have one coin played on them at a time, and with just five paylines, you can choose which ones, or you can go with them all if you want to increase the amount you bet and the amount you could potentially win. While you're mining, you can look into the different ways you can bet. Place down bets as little as one cent and as large as $5 increments with a max bet of $25.

Remember, if you put a large bid down, you have more of a chance of winning a large amount or even a jackpot if the slot has one.

The Symbols That Spin Around the Board

There are a number of symbols that spin around the board in front of you when you're playing this casino game. You can expect to find the Single BAR, double and triple BARS, and cherries. There are also sevens, wilds, and dynamite-free games that come around the board. You guessed it right. If you land on the dynamite free games, it awards you a set of free spins that you can spin and win from.

Bonus Rounds Worth Mentioning

There are always bonus rounds that you want to think about when it comes to putting your cash down on the table. You can find that these rounds are great, and when they're in front of you, you just keep spinning to win. The free spins feature is mentioned above. You would just have to land on the right symbols that match up to open the game, and then they're going to award you a set number of free spins.

There is also the Megas Money Mine Bonus Game that allows you to win free spins but also money. You can grab a bunch of extra cash without having to worry about playing because this bonus round generously gifted you this extra cash.

Are You Ready to Play?

If this sounds like a great slot game to play, then you can sign up with the online casino that is offering it and start playing inside the casino today. They are welcoming of players who want to win something and get more from the extras they have in hand. Check them out today and see what you can expect for tomorrow.