Island Hoppers Slots

Going from one island to another is something that is tedious. However, when it comes to having fun and seeing what each has, this might be a great way to go about it. Anyone looking for a good time are sure to find it when they come in and are a part of all that the hoppers slots have to offer the player. Everyone is welcome, and you might be surprised at just how much fun is awaiting you. Sign up, learn more, and have fun.

The Game Maker of the Hops

This historical game was made by none other than Wager Gaming Technology. WGT is a company that has been around for some time. They offer the best quality graphics along with sounds and extras. You cannot beat that, and you won't have to worry about not being able to get the best outcome because this slot and the game maker ensure you do.

Placing Your Bets on the Table

When it is time to play, you want to make sure you're making the right choice to move forward. This means choosing to place one coin per line down as your bet. You can do this on all three pay lines if you choose to do so. The more pay lines you play on, the higher the winnings are going to be if you win.

You can place your bets in amounts from a penny to ten dollars, depending on what you're comfortable with. The maximum bet is $30. If you play $30, you will win the maximum earnings amount if you end up landing on the right symbols. The more you play, the higher amounts and the higher the winnings are going to be. How much do you want to win?

The Symbols Offered Inside

There are several symbols that come around the board for you to watch go by. This is a classic slot, but that means that the symbols are all going to be themed. You can expect to find the casino logo, plane, epaulet, bar, and sevens. All of these have a payout amount that is attached to them when you line them up on the screen. Find out how much you can win when you open the slot for yourself and start playing today.

How Many Bonus Rounds

Unfortunately, since this is a classic slot game, there is no bonus round. This is something that might upset some people who love to have this extra option. You can still win big with the slot game, though, if you keep trying.

Sign Up to Hop Around Today

Now is the time to sign up with the casino and see all that they're able to provide you with. Whether you want some wins and cash in your account, a great place to play, or just to try out the slot because you were curious as to how it was going to be when you played it. Whatever the case, you can feel great about being able to sign up with the casino and get more from what they have to offer. Sign up with the casino today to learn more.