Fire Hawk Slots

The Fire Hawk has you wanting more when it comes to the flying and soaring through the air that you’re about to be doing. Make the most of what you’re doing when it comes to learning more. Before jumping into this slot, learn more about what this Native American, historically themed slot machine has to offer you. You can enjoy it and more when you read on.

Who Makes the Hawk Full of Fire?

The Hawk is full of fire because it was introduced to the gaming world by Wager Gaming Technology. You can expect the best returns when it comes to being a part of this slot machine that does it all and more. You don’t have to stay still; you can get the fire and move steadily.

Placing Your Bets on the Table

If you’re learning how to place your bets on the table before you play, then keep in mind that there are 25 pay lines. You can play one coin per pay line. This 5-reel video slot machine has a max bet of $250, which is a decent amount. If you bet this much, you’re able to win up to five times or more this amount. Expect to lay down bets between one cent and ten dollars. This is done at your discretion.

The Symbols on the Board Before You

There are a number of symbols on the board before you, and when you are checking out these symbols for yourself, you will notice that they are all themed. They are themed with the Chief, Firehawk, Woman, Drum, and more.

Of course, there are also classic card symbols to watch coming around the screen. These do not pay out as much as the others, but they can pay out a decent amount if you match right.

Bonuses Offered Inside the Fire Hawk

There is one bonus that you can enjoy when you open up the bonus round. You just need to land on the right-themed symbol. The free spins feature brings a lot of fun to the table. You can win more money in your player account when you land on the free spins. Win money from spins just given to you and not from your wallet.

Sign Up with the Fire Hawk Today

You want to sign up and get the most from the slots. When you sign up for the Fire Hawk Slots, you know you’re getting the fire. You know you’re getting an exciting payout when you land on the right symbols. This is important. If you’re ready to win and get more, then now is the time. Be sure to sign up with the button at the top of the web page.