Win Place or Show Slots

If you are into your horse racing, you will already know the answer. In fact, you will already know the theme for this slot game. If not, we can reveal the title refers to betting on a horse race, and the fact you can bet on whether a horse will win, place, or show in the results.

A win is obvious, but a place means finishing in first or second, to give you a better chance of scoring a win if the horse you choose finishes in one of those two positions. A show bet will cover the first three positions the horse could finish in. So, how does the slot game work?

How many reels and lines should you expect to see?

This is a small game, based around one line spread over three reels.

How much can you bet on the game?

You won’t waste time choosing coins here, because there’s only one! It is worth 50 cents. Choose whether to bet one, two, or three coins on the payline.

Are there any special icons to look for?

There are no wilds here, and since the game is only small, there is no room to include a scatter either. Watch out for the number 7 because this will score a prize for you whenever you get one or more on the payline.

The game does boast a progressive jackpot though, which explains the higher coin value required to take the game for a spin. There is a gold trophy in the game, and it must appear in every position on the payline to trigger the jackpot. You must also play the maximum three-coin bet to win it. If you didn’t do that and you got three trophies, you’d win either 500 coins or 1,000 coins for one or two coins wagered. Suffice to say, if you’re going to play this, make sure you can afford the three-coin bet.

Are there bonus features to find?

No – the main attraction in this game is the progressive jackpot.

Be sure you download and play the Win Place or Show slot today!

If you would like to play a slot based around the sport of horse racing, Win Place or Show could be the best one to try. You don’t need to know anything about wagering on horses to try this, and the betting options on this game are more straightforward than most.