5 Million Dollar Touchdown Slots

Those who love touchdowns, especially when the super bowl season is coming up, can take advantage of everything that comes from this slot. Those who are looking for somewhere to find themselves playing can find the best fun located here. You can spin to win and see if the million dollars are waiting for you on the other end. This is a great feeling to have, and one that you can learn more about right here.

Look into More with the Million Dollar Slots

There is a lot that is happening inside the Million Dollar Slots, and when you enter inside, you will be greeted with several money signs and more. The green is going to welcome you and what is going to keep you because you want to win when you are spinning and having a good time.

Never have to worry about not knowing how to play, either. You can ensure that you are having a good time when you spin to win and know more about the game and what to expect, which is what you can find here.

How Does Betting Look Like

The betting inside this slot game is easy enough and ensures that you are grabbing everything you need and more. Simple put your bets down before you spin the reels and lay them down in increments between one cent to five dollars. The max bet is $200, which is a maximum amount but one that can help you win even more when you put the max amount on the betting table.

With 5 reels, you can play 20 paylines and lay on the right matches for the symbols that come around and meet you. This covers everything that you need and want and get you the money in your account that you win when you do.

Many Symbols are Here

There are a number of symbols that come with this slot machine, and when you are looking for a way to play a themed game without the classic card symbols, then you’ve come to the right place. Since this slot does not have classic card symbols, you can focus more on the themed symbols that come around the board.

This means looking at all of the themed symbols from the goal post to the coins, whistle, glove, ball, player, and more. You are looking into all of what comes along with the extras on hand. These are great to have, and they can offer the best way to play. Plus, there are many cheerleader symbols on the board to cheer you on.

Bonuses Offered Inside the Slot

There are a number of bonuses that are offered inside the slots usually, and with this one, you can expect to get the $5 Million Touchdown Bonus Round that opens up more spins, more chances to win, and even more extras to take advantage of. You want the most, and through the use of this exciting game, you can be sure that you’re getting the many extras they’re offering.

Sign Up with the Casino to Play

Wager Gaming Technology did a good job at the graphics and sounds that you can get from it, and when you want to check it out, then make sure to sign up with this casino that is offering the best possible help that is needed and more. You should feel good about being able to take the next step, and with this slot, you can even win some extras in your account along the way.

Sign up with them today, enjoy all that they have, and know you’re choosing the best slot to provide all the extras you need and more.