Swept Away Slots

The Swept Away Slots has you swept up and out into the ocean ahead. You can be the one that is holding onto the life raft as you are hoping for the best payout when you do. You can sign up to be a part of the excitement that holds you where you are. You can enjoy the many benefits, the great outcome, and more that comes from this slot machine that has everything you want and more from what is being offered.

If you’re ready to start having fun on this slot, then now is the time to learn more and do more when you are cast away at sea.

The Background of the Game

The background of the game is one that you can probably guess. You’re lost out on the ocean and swept away by the sea to the island. This is a big consideration to keep in mind when you want a game that you can enjoy playing, or even just watching. You want to benefit from the adventure, travel, and excitement that awaits you, and this is the best place to go. Get lost at sea and make it into your own vacation that pays you.

Who Makes This Slot Game

This classic, 3-reel slot game has everything that you need and more. The maker of the slot is Wager Gaming Technology or WGT. They have some of the best graphics and sounds that come into play when you spin the reels and see where they land. The graphics are clear, the sounds are crisp, and you can keep right up with the game when you spin the reels and see exactly where they land.

Placing Your Bets on the Game

When you go to place your bets, then make sure you know the increments and the coins you can play per line. This means finding the ten cent bets to the $10 bets that you can put down on the board. You have all of the options out there to go with, but keep in mind that you can only place bets on one of the lines, and you can place a max bet of up to $30.

The Symbols That Welcome You Inside

Knowing the symbols to pay attention to when you spin the reels can help you land on the right ones in the right places. You can find that there is a ship, SOS, swept island logo, fire, and bars that all get matched up correctly. Once matched, you can then feel good about being able to get more from the welcoming symbols that you can expect here.

There are no classic card symbols in this game, which is something that a lot of people like about it. You don’t have to worry about the symbols.

Bonus Rounds Offered Inside

Unfortunately, there are no bonus rounds offered in this slot machine game. Those looking for extra bonuses and gameplay should consider another game. You can win extra cash when you line up the symbols just right, though.

Sign Up with the Slot Game Today

If you are ready to have a good time and spend more time spinning the reels, then this is where you want to find yourself. You can spin the reels, see what the island has in store for you, and enjoy the sunshine that comes from the sky above. Of course, you can’t really experience all of this, but you can win a big amount and a jackpot if you keep spinning to try and win.