Coral Reef Slots

Coral Reef is a colorful, ocean-themed slot that's sure to bring every user joy in their adult, cold and hardened hearts. The coral reef is vibrant and attractive, animated and beautiful. The logo is located at the corner left section of the game, and the entire board is placed against an aquamarine background, complete with bubbles, distant images of pink coral, jellyfish (I think, it's somewhat unclear) as well as schools of bluefish flocking around the coral. The coral reef logo is against a fish shape in navy blue, with orange saturating into yellow and blue within the "Coral Reef" font, with a small bundle of seaweed peering out from beneath the words near an orange starfish. The centerpiece of the logo is the yellow and blue striped fish, and the logo is very cute!

So What's The Big Deal? Why is This Slot Special?

The theme of this slot is all about being about under the sea., and this theme is far from original. You often can find countless slots with this theme, other more complicated 3D versions, or others with more lines and more reels. So given this theme isn't very original, what is it about this slot that will make it appealing to fans? I think it's the classic format combined with the underwater theme that might have fans flocking to this virtual video slot. Some online slot users want the kind of classic slot they would have played in a casino at an earlier time in their life. The nostalgia pull of this slot is thick and evident. I'm pretty sure a lot of slot enthusiasts remember playing a similar, or even nearly identical slot in an actual casino, and in that lies its simple appeal. It's pretty, it's simple and it's perfect for certain users.

Layout and Format, Navigation and More

The navigation in this game is really simple and easy to use. There is a bet and win window located on the left bottom corner, in yellow and blue. At the very bottom is your balance, available on the purple bar. The navigation buttons are all available on a virtual machine interface. The first button on the interface is the button to increase or decrease the number of lines you want to play, and you can play up to 4. You can also customize the amount of money you want to pay per line, ranging from $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, all the way up to, $5.00 and $10.00. There are four pay lines available, and on the version, I played the pay line amount was placed at 25 cents because it's mimicking a quarter slot machine you'd find elsewhere. Next to this button is an autoplay button, to the right of that is the bet one button, further down from that is the bet max button, if you feel crazy, be sure to use this shortcut button. On the furthermost right side is the larger circular manual spin button, and a stop spin button. This board is by Wagering Gaming Technology which often does a lot of classic and beloved slots, time and time again, and basic slots too. This is a classic three-reel game for a reason.

Stragery and How To Play

With this game, you can play it for free at first, which I recommend from a strategy perspective. Take a few rounds to play it without betting anything, then once you feel more comfortable, start by betting small. If you find yourself on a winning streak, increase the amount of money you bet little by little. The maximum bet on this machine is 40 dollars per game, which might sound like a lot, but isn't a lot compared to other slot machines. I would put this in this medium-range category, losing 40 dollars to a single game would suck, but won't break your bank or anything in comparison to other larger maximum bet slots like 100 or 200 dollars per game. With this being said, you might be tempted to press the maximum bet shortcut button, but it's really up to you. Just make sure to observe the probability of winning for a few rounds first.

Criticisms - The Pros and Cons of this Colorful Sea Adventure

The simple slots might be fun for older slot users, but as a younger one, I do have some criticisms. For one thing, there are no free spins rounds, which is almost a staple in most slot circles at this point. With that, there is no scatter symbol, another staple in the slot community. I found this somewhat disappointing, but it also makes sense it wouldn't have this feature for such a simplistic slot. There is also no wild symbol! Another staple this slot seems to lack, along with other many special features I'm going to detail in this article. The lack of a wild showed some laziness in this particular slot, I figured at least even simplistic slots have a wild. There is also no multiplier symbol, but I guess that's not surprising at this point considering the number of lines and symbols within this attractive slot. These are the cons to the pros of the beautiful look of the board. There is also no bonus game of any kind, but I guess that makes sense for these sort of three-reel games designed for older users who might find the newer slots, with the various bonus features, too confusing. There is also no progressive jackpot, which might be the most disappointing lack of a typical feature for me. I definitely at least want a progressive jackpot in every game, otherwise, what's the point? Even in simplistic, three-reel games, there's always the opportunity to win a jackpot, but I guess the game creators went without a jackpot for this game. I was grateful to learn there is at least an autoplay option because I don't have the patience for manual spinning. You have to open up the settings to enable this, however, because the shortcut isn't placed on the interface.

However, There Are Other Positive Features In This Game

Now, while there isn't a progressive jackpot, there is a 2000 coin jackpot. As far as I can tell, you don't need to bet a particular amount to trigger this jackpot. So I guess in response to the lesser features if you just bet smaller amounts on this slot, it is worth a play or two. You can play a maximum of four coins per line in this game. I think a 3D animation would be a cool addition to this game, but the graphics and animations are still really cute as well as the concept and design. The 2000 coin jackpot can make this a fun slot for low rollers in particular. You can't lose out too much on this simplistic slot.

Would I Play This Game Again?

As a low roller amount I would - I'm not a high better anyways. If you are a high better, and perhaps find a thrill in the gamble as you likely do, this is a fun game, but don't expect to win back huge amounts. This is a better slot for gamers on a budget who want a simple design, without any unnecessary distracting bonus rounds, wild scatters, or progressive jackpots.

Game Summary and Conclusion

The best feature within this game is the 2000 coin jackpot without a doubt, I think without this coin jackpot this game wouldn't offer too many valuable features, but the game creators knew this, which is why I think this slot is best for low rollers. The sea life graphics, the colors, the subtle sound effects, and the underwater theme is my favorite theme of mine to play on slots, which might make me more drawn to this slot. The fact it's better fitting for lower rollers would also draw me to this slot - I don't have tons of spare money to bet on the expensive, and extensively well animated 3D slots some other companies offer. The symbols are quite cute, the various shell colors have a vintage aesthetic quality that will drop the user in the middle of Las Vegas. My favorite symbols were Neptune's glorious triton, as well as the wonderfully intelligent octopus, and the coral reef. The other less exciting symbols are still classic throwbacks to real-life las vegas slots - like bars and sevens and other classic slot machine symbols. I think this game will attract a specific sort of slot players - people who prefer the classic slot design, people who played slots in the 80s or 90s and miss the old school branded slot and doesn't particularly care about the bonuses and wilds often thrown into many more modern or 3D slots. I enjoyed it regardless of simplistic features, but more for the look and feel of the slot. I would play this again, and play every single line but at a lower rate. There's no point in not playing all four lines. Good luck and happy slot playing.