Atomic Jackpot Slots

In the world of virtual online slots, you have so many options. Many creators overcomplicate so many slots, with tons of reels and pay lines. This slot, created by wagering gaming technology is more of a throwback to a classic slot than a modern video slot. it seems to be more of a simulation of an actual slot machine. This game is called Atomic Jackpot and is about a nuclear explosion, radioactivity, and more dystopian ideas. I guess you'll have to hope for an explosion of prizes! This game has a light, cartoonish look for such a twisted, and dark theme like a nuclear war, a threat we still face today. But, hey, what's the world if we can't make light of even the darkest things?

Game Layout, Navigation, and How To Play

This game only has three reels and one pay line. The background of this reel is a nuclear plant, complete with hazard symbols, big steel boxes, buttons, and nuclear pration devices. The atomic jackpot logo is an atom bomb particular and is located on the left side of the screen, floating in front of the nuclear plant. Down below that logo is the bet and wins window. There are no navigation buttons on this site, but additionally, a small dirty tan-colored window displays your balance and bonus wins.

Buttons, Betting, Range, and Slot Appearance

While you are looking at the button, you'll notice plenty of navigation buttons. There's a button that displays cents and is the virtual coin slot. The betting range is somewhat wide and you can bet anywhere from $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $5.00 to $10.00 or higher. Of course, this is a simple slot where you can only bet one line, and the maximum bet is 50 dollars per game, making the game a great option for low rollers. You can use the arrows on either side of the money button to adjust your bet. Next to that button are some unique shortcut buttons, the closest one to the previous button is the autoplay button, which is necessary for me because I grow impatient during manual spinning on more traditional slots, so I rather liked that feature. Next to autoplay, are some unique shortcut buttons. One of them is a bet one button, and the other is a bet max button. Finally on the right side is the manual spin button, which is larger than most buttons, and in the furthermost corner is the stop spin button. Down below the virtual buttons is a cashier button, status, lobby, and more in a red and tan design. If you become confused at any point during the gameplay, there's a help button at the upper left corner of the screen. The layout is easy to use, simple. I didn't run into any glitches or errors while playing, which is a plus. You can play this in free mode first to get used to the board, then bet once you feel ready to bet your real money. At the very least, this slot doesn't seem to be aimed towards high rollers or very wealthy virtual slot players, as its maximum number is still pretty medium range compared to some slots. The color scheme does a good job at creating a nuclear plant atmosphere, with hues like greys, tans, browns, greens, whites, with hints of orange-red, yellow and more. The symbols are all based around science, atomic bombs, and other technical and toxic radiation-themed slot symbols. There are five coins you'll be able to play per line, of course, there's technically only one line. This game even offers a live support button if you are struggling with anything else in regards to the gameplay or layout. The live support will take you to a chat where you can voice any complaints or mention any bugs you found throughout playing.

The Fallout Style Slot

This game is really cute, reminding me of both the video game Fallout and other similar video games based around a nuclear fallout. It's cartoonish though, not serious at all, and more on the humorous side rather than the serious side. The other pop culture reference I might use for this is The Simpsons, as it resembles the place Homer Simpson works, owned by Mr. Burns! I think because this game is so niche, and almost cult-like it'll appeal to a wide variety of folks. It seems to pay out somewhat often, of course, you can't win too much because the maximum bet isn't as wide-ranging as others. It does have an addicting quality, that has helped from the simplicity of the slot. I don't think I wasted time playing this slot by any means. This theme is unique - not as common as some of the repetitive slot themes you'll find like Egypt, Rome, the ocean, or other slots that repeat themselves often. The reels themselves contain many attractive designs and symbols, including a nuclear formula, an atom, a nuclear physicist, and a yellow nuclear radioactive sign! The sound effects and music are very entertaining, and keep you alert and prevent boredom during this game.

Is The Jackpot Or Game Worth It?

Some virtual slots don't contain a jackpot, which is a shame because I personally always and only play video slots for the potential for a jackpot. This jackpot isn't anything to laugh at either, but's a decent jackpot! It's a total of potential winnings up to $25,000. You can hit this jackpot any time, but you need to use the short-cut bet maximum button to trigger this. The solution symbol is the wild symbol in this game, and you can win up to 2500 coins. I think because of the simple layout, the jackpot is worth it. When you consider the jackpot, it makes a lot of sense why they have the short-cut max bet buttons and other unique options.

Pros and Cons Of This Classic Slot

Now, usually, I give these games pretty generous and positive reviews because I do think there's a humorous, simple, and fun concept surrounding this game, which might make up for the lack of bonuses. I would say I do wish there were more bonuses on this game. There is no second screen rounds, no special animations where the games shift. There aren't any generous multipliers, and my biggest complaint is there are no free spins rounds. I'm more likely to go look for a game with a free spin round or at least a fun mini-game. This game might be that way because it's for a targeted audience of older slot players who usually play on actual slot machines, in physical casinos but maybe can't make it out to do that anymore, because of both potential health risks, closing casinos or no longer having the energy to make it out to a real casino, so they might pull this slot up on their desktop or mobile device. I still think the creators could have done a better job at least putting a few multipliers within this game. It's just easier to figure out a strategy for playing these sorts of games as well.

Would I Play This Game Again?

I would play this game again, for the cartoonish, humorous theme, simple layout, and line one-line format. I also have an affinity for anything designed after something like a nuclear plant, because for me it brings me into my post-apocalyptic world, which is a fantasy and escapes for me. I don't think I would bet large amounts of money on this particular slot, maybe a few pennies here or there, but I wouldn't be playing it for the potential to win big. I think if you are willing to bet 50 dollars on this game, per game, you'd have to be pretty wealthy. I would be more inclined to bet larger amounts if there were more bonuses for winning. I don't know if it's just this is an older slot, and those features maybe came out later and this is a classic slot and theme, but it felt like something was missing. There were no beneficial scatters, and the wilds didn't do much for the overall winning in this game. I do think the sound effects kept the game interesting, there's nothing more soothing to me than coin noises! So I did like that element of it, plus the visuals.

Conclusion and Summary

I recommend this slot only for older players with a good amount of savings, who prefer the classic virtual slot and prefer slots to be a simulation of an actual old-school machine. This might be a good slot for those with a slot addiction as well because you really can't lose that much on this machine, but it might still give you the thrill of playing no matter how many pennies you put into this game. Despite the lack of bonuses, the jackpot is still a nice feature and is triggered randomly without any complicated games, which is a plus.