Admiral's Inn Slots

Admiral's Inn Slots

Admiral's Inn would be a great name for a bar, don't you think? It certainly suggests a seafaring game, and that is what we are presented with when we opt to play this title from WGS.

We should note this is an earlier title from the depths of their large collection of slot games. That should tell you what to expect here, especially since you might spot some familiar elements coming into play.

How many reels and lines should you expect to see?

This is a classic in several ways, and this begins with the chance to play on three reels and to bet on a single line.

How much can you bet on the game?

Many WGS titles use the same selection of coin values to give plenty of variation in betting amounts. This one uses an identical selection, moving from a cent to the high value of $10. You also get an opportunity to play up to three coins on the payline, so you could play from three cents to $30 if you do this.

Are there any special icons to look for?

The game is filled with nautical symbols that tie in with the seafaring theme we know is in place. Watch out for the anchor, not to mention the essential logbook to keep track of the journey at sea. There are sharks too.

The anchor is by far the best icon to find, since this can unlock the jackpot. As you might guess, three anchors on the payline are required to trigger this. The amount you will win depends on the coin quantity you wagered prior to the jackpot lineup appearing. One coin would bring home 300 coins in return. Two coins boosts that to 800 coins as your prize. However, if you played three coins, a huge 1,500 coins would be awarded to you. You can see why it makes sense to bet three coins, can't you?

Are there bonus features to find?

In a word, no. This is a true classic in that sense, although we should mention a single anchor will score a coin win, no matter where it appears on the line.

Be sure you download and play the Admiral's Inn slot today!

Step into the past and marvel at the tall ships sailing towards their destinations. Will you find riches inside the Admiral's Inn today?