Wheel of Chance 3 Reel Slots

There are no prizes available for guessing this slot game will have three reels. It says so in the title, after all. But there is much else to be discovered about this WGS game, and that is what we are about to share with you.

You should know there is a five-reel version of the game to try as well, so watch out for that too (and our review of it). Let’s begin with the three-reel version, shall we?

How many reels and lines should you expect to see?

We know there are three reels here, which might suggest only one payline. That would be correct, as well.

How much can you bet on the game?

One cent is all you need to take a spin on these reels. You can go higher if you want to, with a maximum of $10 to play here.

Are there any special icons to look for?

Whenever diamonds appear in a slot game, they usually turn out to be very useful. That’s the case here as well, since the diamond is a wild icon. One or two of these appearing in a line win become very good news. In these instances, you would get 2x or 4x the usual prize, thanks to the presence of those diamonds. Lovely!

Are there bonus features to find?

Yes, is the answer to that. The game is called Wheel of Chance, and yet thus far we’ve seen no reference to it. The idea is to find the Wheel of Chance itself on the payline in a spin – and it can show up anywhere to qualify. Just one wheel is required, and you’ll be taken to another screen to play the bonus.

You’ll see a wheel – of course – so give it a spin. It will land on a prize. Now, you must decide if you want to take that prize or try and win something bigger. If you do spin again, be warned the second prize is the one you will win… even if it is smaller than the first one. What will you do?

Be sure you download and play the Wheel of Chance 3 Reel slot today!

This is a superb game, especially since it only has three reels and one line. If the bonus wheel appears, you know you are in for a nice prize.