A Magic Theme is Used in Monte Magic Slots

You’d hope for a magical experience while playing any slot machine, and Monte Magic gives you the chance to enjoy a magic experience right from the start. The theme here is magic, which is why you will see a host of related symbols on the reels. But will any of those symbols bring you some prizes?

Reels and paylines – how many should you expect?

As you can see from the game screen, this game is based on a traditional slot machine. As such it has one payline and just three reels.

What could you bet on the game?

You can play from one to three coins on the single payline. You can choose your coin values, starting from 10 cents and working your way up to $10. You have to wager three coins on the payline to be in with a chance of winning the jackpot.

Does Monte Magic have any important symbols to look out for?

There isn’t a scatter symbol on this slot, but you will find a wild symbol. This takes the shape of a top hat – something associated with magicians of the past. Getting a single hat as part of a winning line will double the usual prize for that combination. If you manage to get two in a winning line, your prize will be quadrupled.

Can you find a bonus round in Monte Magic?

It might come as a surprise to learn you can. This happens when you find the rabbit in the hat on the third reel. However, you will only unlock the bonus round if you play three credits on the payline with the relevant spin. This makes it worth choosing a lower coin amount so you can afford to play three coins on each spin.

When the game opens, you will be presented with 12 cards, all turned face down. You are prompted to turn over three of those cards. Once you have done this, you will be asked to select just one of those cards. Your prize for that card will then be revealed.

Download and start playing for prizes in Monte Magic slots now!

For a simple three-reel, single-payline game, Monte Magic has a lot more to offer than you may at first think. You will undoubtedly enjoy the various features in the game, but do bear in mind it is only really worth playing if you bet three coins on the payline each time.