Magic Monkey Slots

The Magic Monkey Slots has you coming in and swinging from those branches along the way. Be a part of the excitement when you sign up with the casino to play here or just to check it out. There is a lot happening in the front of the Magic Monkey Slots having you come out to check out the action before your eyes.

The Magic Monkey is what is going to bring everyone in for a good time. You can be sure to be swinging from branch to branch and grabbing that cash in hand. If this sounds like a good game to play or something that interests you, then now is the time to learn more about this game, we’ve compiled the information for you.

Take a Look Inside Monkey Magic

When the time comes to take a look inside the Monkey Magic Slots, then you should know that the slot looks just as fun as the name implies it is. This is because it is colorful, fun, spins fast, and offers a lot of excitement with each spin you choose to make and do. When you are swinging on the vines, learn more about the bets from this Wager Gaming Technology game.

Placing All Those Bets

With 20 paylines, you will be able to have your choice of where you put your bets and what you get from them when you’re cashing out. The bets range in amounts from one cent to ten dollars, depending on how much you want to put down on the table. With one coin per line, you might want to put down the max bet, which is $250. Regardless, the more you put down, the more you are going to make back. You might even be able to hit the jackpot!

There are Many Symbols

There are a number of symbols that come around the board, and when you are trying to line them up, you want to learn much more about what to expect. The classic card symbols are something that you will see coming around the board, which are the ace, king, queen, jack, nine, and ten. These symbols are important because they do pay out some, but they do not pay a lot.

There are other themed symbols that you can watch out for, and they are what payout the most. The potion, book, wizard, banana, dragon, and crystal ball are all symbols that come out on the board and spin around to match up in the right places. If you match the wilds, you get to open up a new bonus round worth a decent amount of money in hand.

Bonuses Offered Here

There are a number of bonuses that are on hand that you can make use of in any slot machine. In this specific one, you can find that there is one bonus round that you can open up and make use of. The Free Spins Feature is a one of the best features to have and one that you want to match up the right way with wilds to open up. If you land on the wilds just right, you will find that this is where most of the money is because you get all of the spins you can handle and extra cash in hand.

Sign Up Today

Sign up to have a good time when you are a part of the casino. It is easy to do, and it provides you with everything you need as a home casino. If you are looking for a good time, then this is where you find yourself playing, having a good time, and ensuring that you get excitement with each spin you choose to do.