Funky Chicken Slots

The Funky Chicken is at it again and it is after those who want to continue to do the chicken dance and head out on the next adventure that is waiting for you. Learn more about the chicken that has everyone talking about the fun and excitement that is happening on this screen. Those looking for a slot game that has the excitement in it that you want, then follow us and learn more about this funky chicken, it might just have everything you need for a good time and more.

Learn more today when you read on and see what is in store for you with this slot machine.

The Theme of the Funky Chicken

The funky chicken, as the game’s name implies, is all about birds and the farm that they are living on. This is a great feeling to have, and one that is going to get you the most out of the chicken fun that is said to be had on the screen. It is a different type of game, and one that is not only silly and fun. Those looking for a fun game that will make you laugh and earn you some cash, then you’re in the right place.

The Game Maker of This Slot

The maker of this slot machine is one of the best out there. You will be able to find the graphics and sounds are some of the best out of the many options you come across. You can ensure that you are enjoying the benefits that come from all Wager Gaming Technology slots that they make, including this one.

Place All Your Bets on the Table

Knowing what to expect with bets is a good thing because you want to make sure you’re doing so properly. This 5-reel, video slot machine game has an exciting flare to it and it provides you with a way to get more out of the bets you do place. You can play one coin per line, and if you want to get more out of the bet then you can put down as high as $250. The bet increments range from one penny to ten dollars. The higher you bet, the higher you are going to win back into your player account.

What are the Symbols in the Slots

There are a number of symbols that come around the board that you want to pay attention too. Some symbols pay higher than others when it comes to landing on the right ones in the right mix before you. The classic card symbols pay less than the themed symbols, so keep this in mind when you see the K, J, Q, and others.

The themed symbols that come around the board are a scarecrow, farmer, horse, chicken, egg, and tractor. All of these come around the board and they pay out a large amount when you land on them.

Does the Funky Chicken Offer Any Bonus Rounds?

The Funky Chicken is what offers a bonus round that comes around the board before you. You will be able to see that this bonus round gives you more chances to play and win. This is the Free Spins Feature that gifts you with free spins that come up and line up together. As a bonus slot machine, you will see that this bonus is the best one you can get when you land on the right ones before you.

Sign Up to Play the Funky Chicken Slots

When the time comes to sign up and play the Funky Chicken, then you need to find a casino that is offering these benefits and so much more. It is a great way to get more out of the casino you are playing in, but also get the games that you want and love to play. The more you play, the more you’re going to get back into your account in the end. Enjoy the games they offer today!