Movie Magic Slots

Movie Magic Slots is a very popular slot machine game that you can play in many online casinos offering it. They have put together all the magic that you need and want from a game. You will not only have the right balance of fun and winnings, but you might just love the extras of this 5-reel video, bonus slot machine game. This slot was made for your enjoyment. It is worth checking out for yourself to see if they have the winnings you need.

The Game Maker of Movie Magic

The game maker of this exciting slot machine is none other than Wager Gaming Technology. WGT is a casino software company that offers the best quality graphics and sounds. Not only can you watch as you win a decent amount off the slot, but you can listen as it fills up your player bank account. If you want a quality gaming experience, then WGT games are where to get it.

Placing Your Bets on the Table

When you go to place your bets on the table, you want to know that you’re doing it the right way. This can be frustrating, so make sure to know more about putting money down on the table. You can put down one coin per line on the slots.

You can put down your bet in increment of one cent on up to $10, with a max bet of $250. This is a decent amount to put down. The more you put on the table to play with, the more you can with, too. Keep this in mind because you want the most money. With 25 pay lines that you can play on, you will be able to find everything you need, including those winnings you want.

Symbols to Watch

There are many different symbols to watch go around the board when the time comes. You can find that these symbols are not all themed with the slot game. There are classic symbols found on playing cards that come around, such as the Ace, K, Q, 10, and more. These do not pay out a lot, but they pay something when you land on them the right way.

You can also find themed symbols such as the Actors, Popcorn, Film, and Coupon. All of these payouts are large, and if you match them in a row, you get a decent payout again. This is perfect for everyone looking for a bit of money and wanting themed symbols to get it from.

Bonuses Being Offered

When you are looking for extra, then a bonus round is where you want to find yourself playing. Spin the reels and keep watch as they go around the board to find out where they land. When you open the bonus round, you will notice that it is a Free Spins Feature. This is where you can earn even more spins to play with and win with.

All winnings from free spins are yours and can be claimed and withdrawn from your account. This helps you get more from the earnings you make on the screen.

Sign up with Movie Magic Today

Now is the time to sign up with the Movie Magic Slots. You can find out what else they have available for you to play in addition to this slot machine. You won’t have to worry about the entertainment that you’re going to have when you are a part of this online casino. Sign up with them when you go online and click on the SIGN-UP button located at the top of the page. Have fun!