Wataa Slots

Short, sweet, and confusing – maybe that is the best description of that slot title! It is an odd one, to be sure, and it doesn’t become much clearer when you realize it points to a slot game with a martial arts theme in action.

WGS has developed the Wataa slot, so we are going to guess that might be something a martial arts practitioner would shout out while performing their moves. Whether that is right or not, we should check it out more closely.

How many reels and lines should you expect to see?

Five reels will give way to 25 bet lines in this game.

How much can you bet on the game?

WGS likes to use a large collection of coins to provide players with lots of options. They’ve done that here as well, with coins from a cent to $10 on offer.

Are there any special icons to look for?

Two characters appear in the Wataa slot game. Trevor will show up on the third reel and contributes a 2x multiplier if forming part of a winning line. Charlie appears on the second and fourth reels and is also a wild.

You will also see a scatter icon, and this is a hard one to miss because it is unusual – it features in the shape of a burger!

Are there bonus features to find?

Three burgers might be too much to cope with normally, but here they will bring you 15 free games to play. You get to pick a special bonus prior to starting, with each one affecting the free games in a different way.

Trevor will contribute additional wilds to reel three. Wild wins also secure a random multiplier worth x5, x8, or even a huge x10.

If you choose Charlie instead, each appearance of this character will add a further one, two, or three free games to however many you have left at that point.

Be sure you download and play the Wataa slot today!

Wataa might have a strange title, but we sure do love the game that results from it. The theme is nice enough, but it is the addition of the two wilds that make it more interesting. Not only do they behave differently in the base game, they can assist in different ways in the free spins as well. Shout Wataa as you give this one a go!