Vampire Vixen Slots

Well, it is no surprise to realize this game has a horror theme, thanks to the mention of a vampire in the title. But is this vampire going to be useful to find, or will it send you running in the opposite direction?

If you like horror movies, this slot game will certainly tap into that appeal. Will you manage to score some prizes here? Let’s find out.

How many reels and lines should you expect to see?

Five reels are very common to find in slots, and you will see them here too. You also get to bet on 25 lines.

How much can you bet on the game?

There are plenty of variations in the coin values, going from a cent to $10 at most.

Are there any special icons to look for?

The vampire vixen does indeed appear as you play this game, and she is good to see too, since she is a substitute icon. Better than that, you can also find five on a line if you are lucky, and this would return 4,000 coins to you.

There is a haunted house on the reels as well – the one symbol the vixen won’t substitute. This should tell you it is the scatter symbol. Watch for the house to appear with red lights inside the windows, and graves outside… yes, that looks haunted to us!

Are there bonus features to find?

Finding three of those houses, or more, will win you the chance to play 10 free games. These games come with a twist, because any of the symbols might change to wild vixens as you play. You never know how many could change in a spin. And whenever you trigger a prize, you will see the prize doubled from the normal value. The spins also come with a potential retrigger, so you could win a further 10 free games.

Be sure you download and play the Vampire Vixen slot today!

A Vampire Vixen sounds like someone you wouldn’t want to meet, doesn’t it? Yet as we have seen here, she is well worth looking for on the reels. Her habit of showing up when you least expect it in those free spins adds a nice touch as well. Will you be brave and try your luck on this set of five reels? Maybe the vixen will help you if you are.