Safari Stampede

Going on safari in a slot game is way easier than you may believe. We have come across a lot of slots based around the safari theme, and it is easy to understand why they’ve proven popular among many players.

So, we were delighted to spot the Safari Stampede slot game thundering into view recently at Liberty Slots Casino. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out some of the details below.

Dragon Gaming supplies the action

They’ve partnered with Liberty Slots favorite Wager Gaming to produce this beautiful slot game that greets you with an image of a lion. Once you’re through to the proper game, you’ll see the setting behind the reels and a five-reel format taking up the main portion of the screen.

10 fixed and affordable lines to bet on

You do need to cover all those lines, but you can do this from a penny a time. This gives you the minimum 10-cent bet per play, and that should suit most people looking to take a real spin of the reels. You can check out the demo first if you like though, and we did just that to become more familiar with how it all works.

Look for some bonus pink crystals

An odd choice, perhaps, for a game based around a safari theme, but you can find three, four, or five of those in view in a spin to receive eight, 10, or 12 free spins. You can trigger more in the same way if you find more bonus symbols during one of those spins as well, so there is more potential involved than you’d think.

Did you expect a wild lion to appear?

The lion did appear on the loading screen, so it is nice to see it plays a role in the main game too. As usual, it subs for everything except that bonus symbol.

The wilds carry multipliers that are the same as the reel they land on. So, one on the first reel has the base 1x multiplier. However, the fifth reel would have a 5x multiplier. These Spawning Wild Reels could also bring you some respins, so there is a cool mix of respins and regular free spins to watch for in Safari Stampede.

If you want to know more or to take those reels for some practice play, visit Liberty Slots Casino today and load it up to find out whether this might be your first real slot to play when you join.