Safari Hunt Slots

The Safari Hunt is out there ready to take on the extras at hand, and if you're someone looking for a good time, this might be where you're able to find it. There is a lot happening, and when you are a part of the excitement, you will feel good about being a person who is in the middle of the action. You just need a player account to take advantage of this.

Those looking for an exciting new slot are in luck, this is where you want to find yourself having a good time. Do you want to take the next steps to grab some cash and a good time? Then make sure you learn even more right here. You will be glad you did when you sign up to learn more.

Inside the Safari

When you enter inside the safari, you can be sure to find everything and more that you need from this Wager Gaming Technology slot machine. They take time to walk you completely through everything you need to know, but also make the interface easy to navigate, and even easier to play through. Have all of the best options for gameplay, and never have this game let you down.

Placing Those Bets

When the time comes to place bets, you need to make sure you're making the right ones. This can be everything from the little bit you want to put down to try the slots or the big amount you want to put down to win a large amount back. It is just that simple to enjoy these parts of having the best.

You can place one coin per line, and that could be anything from a penny to ten dollars, depending on how much you want to play. The max bet you can put down on the slots is $200, which is a decent amount when you are considering the payout that might come from this extra amount. With 20 paylines to play off of, you can put down a decent amount on all of these lines.

Symbols Found Inside the Safari

There are a number of symbols that you can find throughout the safari when you sign up to play with them. Paying attention to these symbols is important because you want to make sure you're getting more from the slots, especially as you spin. Unlike the other games out there, this one does not have any classic card symbols that come around the board, they are all themed.

If you want to know more about these symbols and all that they come with, then now is your chance to line them all up. You can check out the giraffe, monkey, deer, elephant, Jeep, ranger, zebra, lion, and more. All of the animals of the safari can be found within this slot that is bringing the excitement to you.

Bonuses You Can Get Your Hands on

There are a number of bonuses that you can grab a hold of throughout slots. With this specific one, there is the Safari Hunt Bonus Round that brings more cash and spins to your player account. They want to make sure you're getting the most from the bonuses, so all you have to do is sign up, get into the slot, and make sure you're matching up the right symbols - including the wilds that will open up this fun bonus that has you playing a side game to win more.

Sign Up with Them Today

Sign up with the Safari Slots today to get a hold of all their bonuses, symbols, and fun that is out there. Play inside the casino when you sign up with them, but also have access to the mobile, Flash, and downloadable interface versions, depending on what you feel the most comfortable using. It can be worth everything once you find out how much you can get from this slot.