Jolly Harbour Slots

Well, this sounds like a pleasant place to be, doesn’t it? You might guess this is an English-themed harbor too, since we get the English spelling of that word in the title. That might cause you to recall another title created by the developer of this game – WGS – as they came up with English Harbour slots as well. But what is this game like to play?

How many reels and lines should you expect to see?

This is an unusual slot in that the reels and lines number the same – five each.

How much can you bet on the game?

WGS has decided to offer players their usual array of coins, which goes from a cent to $10 each time.

Are there any special icons to look for?

Five-reel slots often include wild icons. In fact, it is rare to play such a slot without seeing a wild in play. that is exactly what happens here though, since you won’t see a wild in the Jolly Harbour slot. That doesn’t sound too jolly, does it?

You may not be amazed, therefore, to discover the game doesn’t include a scatter or a bonus icon either. The idea is to try and create winning lines on your own, just by looking for matching icons from the paytable.

The best icon to look for says English Harbour. Yes, you did read that correctly. That is the logo for the other game – the twin game, you might say – that WGS produced some years ago. We aren’t sure why they decided to use that here too, instead of a Jolly Harbour logo, but never mind. If you can locate an entire line filled with those logos, you won’t complain, because you would be counting your way through 10,000 coins.

Are there bonus features to find?

No – this game doesn’t include anything like that at all, which probably won’t shock you, given what we have learned already.

Be sure you download and play the Jolly Harbour slot today!

If you like this game, it will probably be because you like your slots to be simple and formulaic. There is nothing wrong with that, but we would have liked to see at least a wild icon in the Jolly Harbour slot game. If you can try your luck with it and come up trumps with the 10,000 coins, we guess you’ll love it though!