Jester's Jackpot Slots

Wouldn’t that be nice? Mind you, we have encountered plenty of games mentioning a jackpot of some kind, so will this one point to a big jackpot to try and win?

This game is more basic than some we have seen, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth trying. Let’s see whether that jester in the title will appear in the game itself.

How many reels and lines should you expect to see?

Five reels are presented to you as the game loads, but while you might expect lots of paylines, there are only nine of them here.

How much can you bet on the game?

Nine cents is the smallest bet required to cover all those lines at one cent apiece. You can increase the bet size to $10 per line if you like.

Are there any special icons to look for?

You might have expected the jester to be a substitute here, but while it does appear, it does not take on that role. Instead, it is the jackpot icon. You must secure five on a line you placed a bet on to get 2,500 coins in return. We’ve seen up to 10,000 coins offered as a jackpot in other games, so that’s far lower.

The game doesn’t include a scatter, although you will find symbols featuring playing card designs, as well as one showing the jester’s hat.

Are there bonus features to find?

Well… no. That might not come as a shock since we haven’t found a wild or scatter in play. It would be reasonable to assume there are no bonus features either, which is the case here.

As such, we are playing a basic slot game in Jester’s Jackpot, and our aim would be to try and hit the (albeit smaller) jackpot if we can. What are the odds of that, we wonder?

Be sure you download and play the Jester’s Jackpot slot today!

As you will see by now, Jester’s Jackpot is a nice little game, with the emphasis on little. It may have five reels, but it also has fewer lines than many similar games, and no bonuses to speak of. If you like the playing card design – appropriate with a joker included as well – you might like to take this one for a spin. But it isn’t the kind of game you’d play for ages.