Fruity 7's Slots

The Fruity 7’s are fun to play with and colorful to watch. With fun symbols, great graphics, and sounds, and even more, you will be excited about this slot game offering excitement around every corner. Those looking for a wonderful place to play and want to learn more, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered all the additional information you need regarding the Fruity 7’s Slots. Read on to find out more and learn if this is the game for you to play and win with.

Who Made the Game

Wager Gaming Technology is the maker of this slot game, so you can expect to find great things inside. You will be able to see the graphics roll before your eyes with the clear symbols and the great sounds that come along. The game is one that is going to impress, and WGT makes sure that all of the games they produce are those that catch the attention of everyone. WGT is a leader in casino software, providing quality gaming experiences for everyone.

Placing Your Bets on the Table

When you’re placing your bets on the table, you need to know what to expect. This means finding the means you need to learn more about the 3-reel classic slot machine offering the best payouts. Place bets on each pay line, five coins per line. You can expect to find increments of ten cents to $10, but with a max bet of $50. Play five coins per line and get a bigger payout because this is the max.

How Many Symbols Roll Around the Reels

The symbols make a huge difference when it comes to knowing them before putting your money on the table. Don't worry about this, because you already have the information. Since this is a classic slot, the symbols are just as classic. You can expect to find simple yet themed symbols on this slot machine.

There are Cherries, Oranges, Bell, Bars, Lucky Fruity 7s Logo. When you land on the matching symbols with each other on the lines, you get the payout for the symbols that you land on. Landing on the logo is the wild and is what provides the big payout.

What Bonuses Await You

Since this is a classic-themed slot game with minimal reels, they do not offer extra bonuses. They are not about adding extras to the account for the player. In the future, there might be extra bonus rounds, but for now, they have none.

Sign Up with the Fruity 7’s

Now is the time to sign up with the Fruity 7’s Slots to start playing and winning. Don't miss out on the extras, the fun, and the excitement that is going to spin around the reels before your eyes. Don't worry about not being able to land on the 7’s. If you’re interested in this fun slot game, then sign up with an online casino that can offer the Fruity 7’s Slots. Sign up today and learn more.